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Born October 8th, 1986, Katelyn Mallone grew up in and around Eugene, Oregon.  Upon graduating high school, she transitioned to move north to Seattle, Washington in the fall of 2004.  She attended Cornish College of the Arts (CCA) as a Jazz Major; focusing on jazz saxophone and later jazz piano and songwriting.

While at CCA, Katelyn began taking piano lessons from a talented Seattle based jazz pianist Dawn Clement as well as taking composition classes by an influential singer-songwriter, Linda Waterfall.  Between 2004 and 2008, Katelyn has played with numerous bands; most notably, The Forget Me Nots, Hot Laundry, The X Ray Eyes along with her own band; Katelyn Mallone & AfterMoon.

Jazz is her main focus in the academic setting however singer-songwriting is her passion and career choice, and the path she is taking musically. Katelyn's been writing original works since the age of 12, and it's evident that this is where her joy lies.  Beginning on the piano at age 5 with lessons, and later picking up the guitar, her compositions have grown and matured, as she's become a solid musician in her own right.  In the fall of 2006, one of Katelyn’s instrumental compositions was performed by the Saint Helens String Quartet in PONCHO Concert Hall.

Katelyn is a multi-instrumentalist, starting with the piano and later picking up the guitar and alto saxophone.  These are the instruments she plays on a regular basis.  Katelyn also is a talented vocalist who has been trained in choral music.

Katelyn has been engulfed in her music career and has played throughout the West Coast.  She's performed in such venues as the Hult Center, the Cuthbert Amphitheatre and Autzen Stadium all of which are located in Eugene, Oregon as well as Benaroya Hall's Soundbridge in Seattle, Washington.  She has played with notable musicians such as
Dawn Clement, Johnny Conga, Chuck Deardorf, Jovino Santos Neto and Linda Waterfall.  She's also had the honor of opened up for Poncho Sanchez, as well as playing under the band director Steve Owen from the jazz department at University of Oregon.  Katelyn also played under the band director; the late James Phillips (the tenor saxophonist best known for his work with the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies) as well as working with the amazing jazz pianist Dick Hyman while at the Oregon Festival of American Music (OFAM).

In the summer of 2007, Katelyn went on a tour throughout the Pacific Northwest, playing keyboard and back-up vocals for The Forget Me Nots band.  Katelyn finished recording her original music and laying down tracks for her demo back in the fall of 2007.  Katelyn started playing in her own band, Katelyn Mallone & AfterMoon, a band that formed back in the fall of 2007 with fellow Cornish College of the Arts students.  Katelyn Mallone & AfterMoon’s music is centered around original pop-rock, acoustic compositions.  Katelyn plays piano, acoustic guitar, alto saxophone and lead vocals in this group. 

During October of 2008, Katelyn was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia at the age of 21.  Cervical Dystonia (also known as Spasmodic Torticollis) is a rare neurological movement disorder similar to Parkinson Disease.  Symptoms include uncontrolled muscle spasms and incredibly painful neck and shoulder muscles.  This disorder is so rare that most people who get this disorder are incorrectly diagnosed.  In Katelyn's case, she was originally diagnosed with depression and stress and it took her a few months to get the correct diagnoses from a neurosurgeon in Seattle, WA.  After extensive research, Katelyn learned that Cervical Dystonia has no known cure.  Katelyn was prescribed numerous different kinds of medication between 2008 and 2010.  During the summer of 2009, Katelyn was fortunate enough to check into a rehabilitation program located in New Mexico.  This rehab clinic focused on a more natural approach to her condition that involves extensive physical therapy, a healthier diet and spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation.  Katelyn is happy to report that the combination between medication and physical therapy has greatly helped her recover. 

During January of 2010, Katelyn was disappointed to report that her body had suffered a relapse that left her in a wheel chair, wearing a neck brace and left her immobile.  During the next 7 months, Katelyn worked extensively on rehabilitating her body and is excited to report that she has improved drastically.  "I feel so much better and can't believe that I can live a "normal" life again.  I am blown away that I am now mobile and can walk on my own without crutches, neck braces and/or wheel chairs.  It's all about commitment to the cause.  As long as I do physical therapy for approx 3 hours a day EVERY DAY, I have been fortunate to recover as well as I have and am blessed that I can have my life back again.  I can't get more excited than that." 
All we can do now is wait and hope that Katelyn continues to excel with a combination of physical therapy and medication, cause the sky's the limit and Katelyn will settle for nothing less.

For the meantime while Katelyn is currently working on her recovery efforts, she has started a grassroots group entitled Dystonia Awareness Campaign, a coalition determined to educate others on Dystonia related issues, thus brining awareness to this rare yet powerful neurological disorder.  For more information regarding this Dystonia Awareness Campaign, click
here.  Katelyn's first major opportunity since establishing her Dystonia Awareness Campaign has been getting her first article published by Dystonia Spasmodic Torticollis magazine on April 27th, 2011.  "I am incredibly honored to share my story with others and I am very grateful for this exciting opportunity."  To read Katelyn's full article, click here.  For more info regarding the Dystonia Spasmodic Torticollis magazine click here.

During March of 2012, Katelyn performed her first concert; a private performance at PONCHO Concert Hall, her first performance since being diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia back in the fall of 2008.  "It was so amazing to get back to performing for an audience again.  I was nervous for sure, but ultimately I had a blast performing and it was a great way to get back into the music scene.  I am so blessed to have healed my body up so well that I could get back on stage and it was an incredible opportunity for me to get to perform again." 
Recently Katelyn attended the Jazz Night School in Seattle; playing piano in a small Jazz Ensemble group called "The Double Doors" with local musicians.  Katelyn still continues to perform with the "Double Doors" band.  On April 19th, 2013, Katelyn performed her senior recital at CCA at PONCHO Concert Hall.  In conclusion, Katelyn graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from CCA in the Spring of 2013.  Katelyn is excited to announce that she will return to the Jazz Night School again during the Fall of 2013, performing jazz piano in a performance big band.

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